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In 2021, with a mission in mind to promote, “More Americans enjoying more flowers more often,” 澳门十大正规网赌网址 created That Flower Feeling (TFF). The goal of this initiative was to develop and execute a national, consumer-direct marketing campaign to raise consumption of fresh flowers in the United States.

In 2023, recognizing the importance of industry collaboration, That Flower Feeling expanded its reach by establishing the TFF Advisory Board. The board includes representatives from all segments of the industry. The board's formation aims to bring diverse perspectives and expertise to further enhance the efforts of That Flower Feeling to encourage consumers to integrate fresh flowers into their daily lives.

That Flower Feeling motivates people to view fresh flowers as a central part of their everyday routines, thereby raising overall floral integration and consumption. A successful effort will result in increased demand for fresh flowers with a focus on non-holiday sales, which will directly benefit the entire industry.

TFF is an industry-wide cooperative effort to encourage consumers to purchase more flowers regularly. The philosophy is simple: as long as people are bringing home flowers regularly, it's considered a success. The initiative aims to make the experience of having fresh flowers a part of daily life, challenging the notion that flowers should be reserved for special occasions. Even the most modest bouquet of flowers can have positive short- and long-term effects on how we feel. In other words, it's about capturing "that flower feeling" and spreading the joy of experiencing the impact of flowers on a daily basis.

An annual marketing fund was developed to sustain the campaign and is supported by the floral industry. TFF continues to seek support of all levels from the industry to learn more or to become a contributor please click the link below. 

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